Why Choose Outlaw: S | F | R

Elite Level Coaching and Customized Training Protocols to Maximize Your Potential
Expert Level Coaching

With over 10 years of elite level performance coaching experience we are uniquely qualified to provide you with a customized training approach that is 100% tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Athlete: Strength and Speed

For athletes who are serious about pursuing collegiate athletics and willing to invest the time and energy required. This program will develop explosive power, strength, and speed.

The RISE: Middle School Athletes

This program teaches young athletes the fundamentals of strength training. We take a structured approach to ensure proper technique and appropriate progressions.

Elite Adult Private Training

Adult personal training for anyone looking to upgrade their performance. Regardless of goal or training background you will receive a customized program to maximize your quality of life.

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Meet Your Coach

Outlaw S | F | R is directed by Rob Van Valkenburgh CSCS, TSAC-F, NASM-PES

My name Rob Van Valkenburgh and I am a 10 year veteran of the strength game. Having coached elite athletes in both the private sector and in the Division 1 collegiate setting I am firm in the understanding that strength has to be the foundation of all athletic movement and that athletes of all levels deserve a comprehensive strength program.  I believe in designing training programs that develop on-field speed, power, and explosiveness.  In addition, I take a very progressive approach towards injury prevention, mobility, and joint stability

  • Elite Performance Coaching Experience

    10+ Years of High Level Coaching

  • Athletes at the Collegiate Level

    100+ Athletes Signed Scholarships From All Sports

  • Proven System of Developing Athletes

    Long-Term Athletic Development is the Goal of Every Training Program