ACL and Knee Injury Prevention

We all know just how big of an issue ACL tears and other knee injuries are. However it is an alarming trend that very few athletes or strength programs spend time focusing on ACL injury prevention. With such a high occurrence of this injury, and taking into account the severity, shouldn’t there be more time be dedicated to prevention?[…]

Phase 1 – 2016

****MEMBERS ONLY**** January 2nd – January 15th This is the first two weeks in our training cycle.  As we get into this phase we have three areas of focus. 1: Build a strong base level of strength. 2: Increase joint mobility and stability 3: Strengthen our pillar The training split is as follows: Monday:                      Absolute[…]

Is Your Strength Program Effective

For high school athletes the biggest misrepresentation of an effective strength and conditioning program is max strength testing.  Building absolute strength is vital to athletic success, however, if your goal is to build healthy and productive athletes it may be beneficial to look at other categories when evaluating your strength program. When I work with[…]

Football Off-Season: Phase 3

This is the third installment in a three-part series on off-season strength training for football at the high school level.  To recap: The off-season has been broken into three parts… Phase 1: Focused on developing lifting competency and building strength. Phase 2: Transitioning our strength into power and performing more speed and agility training. Phase[…]