Training Day Nutrition and Hydration Requirements

You cannot out train poor nutrition or hydration.

Hydration Guidelines 

  • ½ of your body weight in water everyday
  • Pre-Training: Minimum of 16oz within 2 hours of training
  • During Training: 4-6 gulps every 10-15 minutes
  • Post-Training: Minimum of 20oz directly following training 

Nutrition Guidelines 

  • Pre-Training: You must eat within 2 hours of training 
    • Meal must contain a PROTEIN, FAT, and COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATE. 
  • Post-Training: Plan to eat within 30 minutes of training
    • Bring a protein shake or have a meal directly after your training.
  • Do not train on an empty stomach. 
    • Something is better than nothing. Pack a bar or stop and grab some fruit and a bag of nuts. 

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