The Gorilla Row

Train On Your Feet

Regardless of your sport of choice is, you play on your feet. 

At Outlaw we believe that training should reflect that by training on your feet as much as possible. Now, the glorious thing about training on your feet is that teaches you to use your entire body during the lift. 

Athletics, and adult strength training for that matter, is about transferring force from the ground and expressing it through your hips and hands. With our goal to maximize cross-over from the weight room to the field it makes sense that we have to train on our feet.

One of the primary lifts that we use to do this is the Gorilla Row. 

When doing a row variation it can be challenging to find one that is done when standing on your feet. That is why we use this movement with almost every athlete we have. The great thing about the Gorilla Row is that it forces you to brace your entire body during the lift which turns a simple row into a full body dynamic movement. 

When doing this remember…

  • Dig your toes into the ground
  • Maintain tension in the hamstrings
  • Limit rotation in the shoulders
  • SQUEEZE the back when at the top of the motion. 

Reminder you are an ATHLETE not BODYBUILDER! Your training should reflect that. 

I hope you can take this movement and mix it into your routine. 

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