Movement Basics, and Mastery.

“Back to the basics.” This mantra has guided my training and my training of others for a long period of time. Also, this was a huge point of Outlaw’s philosophy that Rob and I agreed on. Movement comes first, and strength is built on a good foundation. Right now, in a world with limited exposure, access to equipment, and overall less, we have ample time to master good movement within our bodyweight and utilize the “less is more” attitude.

At home workouts, and workouts without equipment will never reach the intensity we get from moving actual external resistance. Yet they still have immense value.  Intensity seldomly determines the benefits from working out, and passing out from those 100 poorly done burpees sounds gross anyway.  So let’s spend more time mastering our movement foundation, an less time poorly mimicking intensities we will never reach. Chasing movement and bodyweight control is an extremely difficult challenge within itself anyway. 

Taking this time to master the basics will not only help you feel better physically every day, it will provide insights into “why my back always hurts when I deadlift.” or  “why my ankle always cracks when I move it this way.”  Taking time to learn the movement basics are important, and I figured this could be a good time to review then practice: Anyway, what are the basics? 

Squatting, Hinging, Lunging, Pushing, Pulling, Rotation and Gait. 

Breathing, Posture, Balance, Body Control, Range of Motion and Positioning. 

Shoulder Health and Control, Ankle Stability, Hip Mobility etc. 

These patterns and principles are the root of what creates movement for us as human beings, and athletes. Any sporting movement, or training is a combination, isolation, or mixture of the above patterns. Yes, you naturally know how to do most of these things, but we can train them to be more optimal. For instance, when you squat, what is your breathing like? How should you organize your shoulders? Small things, but important. 

 Through the next few blog series, I will cover mastering these basics in order to enhance the “intense” training we all love/hate or love to hate. I will cover topics from body organization, and breathing, all the way to options and avenues to maximize movement, strength and power of these movement patterns.

There are a lot of details, and specific attentions that go into moving well, these minute points are worth learning. For what is training worth, if we end up injuring ourselves in the pursuit. Moving well, and understanding the fundamentals of movement can alleviate that risk, and even if it means we don’t lift as much, it’s worth it. (a blog on that coming up.) 

This blog, shelter in place, at-home workout, and overall reset can act as an opportunity to refine your movement and put you on a path to new more optimal fitness and performance. So let’s reset, move better and come into the next season of life in a better place, specifically within the mastery of movement.                                                           – Alex Friedman

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