Foundational Hamstring Training

When looking at developing athletes one of the areas we try to zero in on is the hamstrings.

We do this for a number of reasons:

1: They are typically underdeveloped in athletes starting off in our program

2: The hamstrings play a HUGE role in both speed development and injury prevention

3: The Posterior Chain (backside of the body) is the engine that largely drives performance in sports.

In training the hamstrings, we look at three different methods:

  • Hip Dominate Pulls
  • Knee Dominant Movements
  • Isometric Holds

In the videos above, you will see three of our ‘go-to’ movements for each of the methods mentioned above.

  • For the Hip Dominate Pulls we are showing a Single-Leg RDL w/ Reach. The reach allows our athletes to keep their hips level and LEARN the movement before we give them an external implement (dumbbell, barbell, etc.)
  • The knee dominate movement is a Single Leg Slow Eccentric Leg Curl. This is a great way to start training the hamstrings and getting the athlete to understand what the movement should feel like. This, when done right, is a beast and should be fairly challenging for new athletes.
  • The Isometric Hold is a Feet Elevated Hip Bridge w/ Hold. We start the athletes off with 3-5 second holds for 8-10 reps and slowly increase the isometric hold times as we progress.

Give these movements a try. I guarantee that by starting with some foundational/basic movements you will set yourself up for long term success when training your posterior chain.

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