January 18, 2018

Personal Training

At Outlaw: Strength, Fitness, and Rehab we believe that private training clients deserve a comprehensive program that allows them to be successful.  Each individual has varied fitness levels, goals, and limitations.  Our goal is to build a program that produces long-lasting results as well as an elite training experience. 

In our Personal Training program, you will find attentive and passionate coaches with the highest level of training experience and a long track record of client success.

At the end of the day, the goal of any training program is to improve quality of life.  With this in mind, we build a unique process that allows for each individual to achieve their definition of elite

performance. Our process involves training 2-4 times per week in-person and the client completing an assigned number of pre-programmed training sessions on their own.  This allows for your training program to become an integral part of your daily life.

It is our firm belief that you deserve a training program that is meticulously designed to fit your goals. We take the time to customize every program with one thing in mind – client’s goals and specific needs.

Every client will go through an introductory evaluation which includes…

  • Movement and Strength Testing: the Functional Movement Screen and goal specific strength testing.
  • Cardiovascular evaluations: 100% goal speicic cardiovascular evaluations.
  • Body composition analysis: Body fat testing and starting body weight.

To schedule your training evaluation and get started on your path to higher performance please contact us at (303)332-2722 or via email at Coach@CoachVanStrength.com.