September 17, 2020

Alex Friedman MA., CSCS

Director of Performance

With a variety of experience working in professional, collegiate, high school settings Alex is well versed in the strength and conditioning field. Alex has coached multiple sports in the weight room and has experiences at the University of Denver, CU Football, and the UFC Performance Institute. He uses these experiences to select the most appropriate methods to develop any athletes’ potential. 

As Director of Performance Alex seeks to develop and improve upon high-performance initiatives at Outlaw SFR. These initiatives all work towards the goal of eliciting the best performance for the athlete. These include strength and speed testing, exercise programming, and within-session optimization. 
Alex is focused on developing every athlete to achieve their athletic potential as well as create growth and maturity in the process. “The weight room is not only a great place to make physical gains, but also to develop maturity, build character, and grow as a human being, and that’s the goal, to be a better human.” Alex believes that through intentional work and a high work ethic every athlete can achieve their own peak athletic potential

Alex is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach through the NSCA and has multiple other certifications. Alex has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Wisconsin -La Crosse, and a Masters in Sports Coaching & Strength and Conditioning from the University of Denver. 

Alex is a former collegiate wrestler and enjoys competing at Jiu-Jitsu, biking, snowboarding, rugby, as well as reading anything related to exercise or fiction. Alex lives in Englewood, CO with his wife Mary, and their two dogs, Jaeger and Granger.