January 18, 2018

High School Athletes

Athletes who are serious about playing at the collegiate level require a program that will prepare them for that level of competition.  In order to excel in a collegiate training setting, they have to be proficient lifters and move with efficiency in order to embrace physicality and start fast at the college level.

At Outlaw SFR we believe that every athlete we coach we coach is different and has varied performance goals. Therefore, athletes have to follow training protocols that match their individual needs and sport-specific demands.

Through the use of a proven long-term athletic developmental model, we aim to decrease the potential for injury and we build athletes through fundamental movements and appropriate training progressions.

As coaches, we will not put a young athlete in a situation where they will be exposed to a movement they are not physically prepared for.  There is 100% truth in the statement “The Best Ability Is – AVAILABILITY” and the way w

e progress our athletes allows them to achieve long-lasting improvements in strength, speed, and agility.

Each training program includes…

  • 2-3-4 Strength Training Days: Depending on the time of year.  In-Season and Off-Season have varied workloads to account for the competitive season. Training frequency depends on
  • Recovery Workouts: Recovery is the hidden key for all athletes.  All athletes will be provided with
  • an at-home training protocol.
  • Hands-On Coaching:  This allows each athlete to be 100% clear on the expectation, tempo of training, and technique for each specific movements.


We offer two different training programs for High School aged athletes:

Group Training: Customized training programs completed in a small group setting.  We keep our group small so that we can guarantee our athletes are performing everything with correct form.  In addition, small groups allow every athlete to receive personal coaching and individualized corrective exercises.  Our groups are only for athletes who are dedicated to the program and the other members of the training group.  We create an intense, motivating, and challenging training environment where every athlete can thrive.

Private Coaching: 1-on-1 coaching that is tailor fitted to the athlete’s individual goals and needs.  This program is designed for anyone that is new to strength training, returning from an injury or has a specific performance goal.  All sessions are 50-60 minutes and are 100% private and customized to your individual needs and goals.