You Can Only Produce What You Can Absorb 

I get it…

I like the “fast and loud” aspect of athletics just as much as you do.

It’s explosive, powerful, and down-right impressive when an athlete demonstrates sheer power and athleticism.

However, just like with all things, this is not something that happens by chance and this is not something that can happen repeatedly without some deliberate maintenance.

Lacrosse Athletes // A Case for Strength 

Over the past few years, I have seen a huge influx in the number of Lacrosse athletes who enter my program.

What I find shocking about Lacrosse athletes is that very few of them actually want to lift weights….

What blows my mind about this is that they all want to play in college where every single team bangs weights year-round.



The GHR // Building Thoroughbreds

Training youth athletes is about building a foundation for long team athletic success.

This means taking a very structured approach to how you develop them and what areas you focus your largest emphasis on.

For me, I believe the most important area an athlete needs to focus on is the development of the posterior chain. The Posterior Chain is the muscle grouping of the upper back (trapezoids and posterior deltoid), low back (erector spinae), glutes, and hamstrings.


ACL and Knee Injury Prevention

We all know just how big of an issue ACL tears and other knee injuries are. However it is an alarming trend that very few athletes or strength programs spend time focusing on ACL injury prevention. With such a high occurrence of this injury, and taking into account the severity, shouldn’t there be more time be dedicated to prevention?[…]

Phase 1 – 2016

****MEMBERS ONLY**** January 2nd – January 15th This is the first two weeks in our training cycle.  As we get into this phase we have three areas of focus. 1: Build a strong base level of strength. 2: Increase joint mobility and stability 3: Strengthen our pillar The training split is as follows: Monday:                      Absolute[…]

Is Your Strength Program Effective

For high school athletes the biggest misrepresentation of an effective strength and conditioning program is max strength testing.  Building absolute strength is vital to athletic success, however, if your goal is to build healthy and productive athletes it may be beneficial to look at other categories when evaluating your strength program. When I work with[…]