January 18, 2018

Lacrosse Strength and Speed Online Program

Lacrosse athletes and teams deserve to have a progressive, comprehensive, and year-round strength, speed, and conditioning program.  The unique demands of Lacrosse must be taken into account and a structured training approach is the only way to reach your physical potential. 

We provide individual athletes, coaches and teams with structured strength and conditioning programs and work closely with each individual to ensure the program is implemented properly.

Here is how it works:

Step 1: You sign up for a call with me to discuss your goals

Step 2: We discuss your goals, current training level, and determine if this program is a good fit for you

  • If on this call you decide to get started with us we develop your custom training plan and get you set up on the TEAMBUILDR app

Step 3: I design your program and you get to work

  • Each program is custom designed to meet your needs and goals and takes into account your training experience and available equipment

Step 4: We stay in constant communication

  • This makes sure you are seeing the results you want from the program
  • You can communicate with us via the Teambuildr app, email, text, or over the phone
  • We also have a feature where you can us a video of your training to help correct form

Each training program includes…

  • 2-4 Strength Training Days: Depending on the time of year.  In-Season and Off-Season have varied workloads to account for the competitive season.
  • Recovery Workouts: Recovery is the hidden key for all athletes.  Each week will include a recovery training sessions completely focused on recovery and injury prevention.
  • Exercise Videos for Each Movement: You will never have to wonder what is programmed. Each movement will have a video demonstration. 
  • Daily Directions:  The goal of the day and the training focus are described each day. This allows each athlete to be 100% clear on the expectation, tempo of training, and specific movements.
  • The TEMBUILDR App: This allows you, or your team, to train anywhere and stay on track with your training program. 

All of my programs are delivered through the TEAMBUILDR app.

The use of TEAMBUILDR allows for… 

  • Video tutorials for each exercise leaving nothing to question
  • Messaging with your coach to send him videos of you training for form correction 
  • Advanced progress tracking to ensure you are pushing your limits every day
  • The ability to train anywhere so there are ZERO excuses to miss a training session
  • Coaches can monitor the progress of each athlete

Ready to get started?  Schedule a call TODAY… (CLICK HERE TO SCHEDULE A CALL)