January 15, 2019

Small Group Training

Outlaw SFR’s Small Group training program is designed for individuals who take their training seriously and are results oriented. We use a combination of proper training progressions and good old hard work to achieve long term results. 

We offer 2 small group training classes/programs… 


  • emphasis: burn fat, increase athleticism, and improve conditioning

This 40-minute conditioning class uses unique athletic speed training and metabolic conditioning methods as a tool to burn fat and improve body composition. ATHLETIC BURN is a fast-paced class that will send your heart rate through the roof and help you achieve a lean athletic body.


  • emphasis: build strength, increase lean muscle mass, improve body composition 

This is a comprehensive old school strength training program where clients train off a 3 day training split. We follow a month long progression using total body lifts each day while. The IRON program is ideal for people looking to build strength, improve their lean body mass, and train for improved performance.

Small Group training sessions are 40-60 minute workouts that follow a structured training program and exercise progression. These programs are designed to allow our clients to maximize their results through the use of scientifically backed methodologies, work/rest ratios, and a total body approach to training. 

By training in a group, you will push yourself harder and be motivated by those around you. This will allow you to get the most out of every workout while enjoying working out. We believe in creating a challenging, motivating, and fun environment. 

As with all our programs every client will go through an introductory evaluation which includes…

  • Movement and Strength Testing: the Functional Movement Screen and goal specific strength testing.
  • Cardiovascular evaluations: 100% goal speicic cardiovascular evaluations.
  • Body composition analysis: Body fat testing and starting body weight.

To sign up for your trial session or to schedule your introductory evaluation please fill out the form below or give us a call at (303)332-2722.