May 9, 2018

Speed Camp Summer ’19

Advanced Speed Training: Summer ’19

I am proud to announce that this summer we will be hosting a couple of 4 Week Advanced Speed Training programs that focus on movement mechanics, acceleration, 1st step quickness, change of direction, and reaction time.

Our goal is to provide young athletes with a comprehensive and structured training program that gives them a solid foundation for a long and healthy athletic career. In addition, I want athletes to have a strong understanding of how to move their bodies effectively, produce explosive power, and decelerate under control.


Summer ’19: Advanced Speed Program

  • Training Emphasis: 100% speed focused and built around proper movement mechanics, acceleration, lateral speed, and change of direction. Energy System Training to end each training session (Conditioning)
  • Schedule:
    • High School Athletes: Monday/Tuesday/Friday – 12:30PM
    • Middle School Athletes: Tuesday/Thursday – 9AM
      • Block 1: June 3rd– June 27th
      • Block 2: July 8th– August 1st
  • Ages: High School 15-18, Middle School 12-14
  • Cost: $249 per athlete or $200 per athlete for teammates

Program Goals: 

  • Teach athletes how to position their bodies in order to move more effectively
    • Acceleration mechanics
    • Change of direction
    • Lateral speed
    • Reaction Ability
  • Prepare athletes for fall sports
    • Comprehensive and progressive energy system development program (conditioning)
    • Competition based drills
  • Performance Testing
    • Pre and Post Testing for – 10yd Dash, 40yd Dash, 5-10-5 (pro agility drill)

Please contact Rob at (303)332-2722 or via email at with questions or to register.

All sessions will be held at Lorenz Park (8422 S. Colorado Blvd. Highlands Ranch, CO 80126).